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Is an intruder on your wireless network right now?
If you're not sure, you've come to the right place.
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Why should I care if a random person is using my wifi?

  • Cyber Criminals using your wifi to do illegal activity can cause you a big hassle
  • An intruder on a business wireless can leak corporate secrets, client data, financial information, etc.
  • Several hacking techniques work best when on the same network
  • It’s just Creepy. Why are they on there? Don’t you want to know?

But I have encryption? Doesn’t that stop the bad guys?

  • We always recommend encryption.
  • Many forms of Wireless Encryption can now be broken given enough time.
  • Additional tools are required to ensure outsiders aren’t using your network.

Doesn’t my router already do this?

  • Most routers can only show you who is on your network right now.
  • If you check your router today, but an intruder joins next week, you wouldn’t know.
  • Always On, Automated Solutions like Who’s On My Wifi are a smart way to detect intruders.

A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

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