Simple Secure Router – Launch Day

Today is Launch Day at Who’s On My Wifi!

The Simple Secure Router IndieGoGo Campaign went live at midnight.

We are running an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to raise $50,000 for a manufacturing run of our router.

We’d appreciate your support either by Pre-ordering a router through the IndieGoGo campaign directly, or by sharing the IndieGoGo link with people who you think might be interested in our new Simple Secure Router.

The Simple Secure Router IndieGoGo campaign can be seen here:


Interviewed by the Oklahoman

John talking with The Daily Oklahoman

Talking with The Oklahoman

Who’s On My WiFi met with a reporter and photographer from The Oklahoman the morning of the first. We discussed the new router and talked about our upcoming Indiegogo launch on May 15th.  Exciting times for the company!


New Info Graphic


Click to view larger!


We have a new graphic displaying a few facts on the routers typically used as well as what can happen when your WiFi is breached up at our in-progress Indiegogo page.

Did you know that 13 of the most popular routers are actually hacked easily? Check out this CNET article talking about the test done by Independent Security Evaluators. According to the research, the only solution to safer routers is just that: someone making a safer router.

“The report, written by research firm Independent Security Evaluators of Baltimore, found that 13 of the most popular off-the-shelf wireless routers could be exploited by a “moderately skilled adversary with LAN or WLAN access.” It also concludes that your best bet for safer Wi-Fi depends on router vendors upping their game,” the CNET article said.

In 2007, TJMaxx fell victim to one of the biggest WiFi breached of the time, causing them to lose over 45 million customer’s credit and debit card information. It is detailed here, in this article by NBC.

In an article from ZDNet, the break in was attributed to poor wireless security.

“The TJX data breach was most likely due to an insecure wireless network,” ZDNet said.

And lastly, in a report issued by Avast in 2014, it was found that 79% of all home routers are unsafe, for many different reasons, including poor passwords. This is solved in the new router Who’s On My WiFi is producing — which uses randomized pre-set passwords for a safer and more effective setup.

Along with that, the report said many people have already been victimized.

“According to the survey, less than half of Americans strongly believe their home network is secure and 16 percent of respondents reported that they have fallen victim to hackers,” the press release from Avast said.

There are many other reasons to invest in Who’s On My WiFi — these are just a few.

Simple Secure Router – May 15th

Who’s On My Wifi is proud to announce that the Wireless Router is finally here!

We’ll be taking Pre-Orders of our Simple Secure Router starting on May 15th through an IndieGoGo Crowd Funding campaign.

The campaign will run from May 15th through June 15th, and we are doing this to raise money for our full scale manufacturing run.

We’re calling our Wireless Router, the Simple Secure Router.

It’s incredibly Simple.

You can set it up with just a smart phone in a few minutes.

And we’ve eliminated a lot of the complicated options most people never use in most routers.

And it’s incredibly Secure.

The Simple Secure Router is a secured/locked down router that runs the Who’s On My Wifi detection software and natively connects to Who’s On My Wifi Online for easy detection, notifications, and logging of all devices on your network.

And if you ever receive an alert that there’s an intruder on your network, just login to Who’s On My Wifi Online, and you can kick off the intruder from anywhere in the world.

We think you’ll really like the Simple Secure Router, and we hope you’ll join us on May 15th on IndieGoGo and get a copy for yourself!

New Website Look and Feel

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that in the next few days, we’ll be releasing a new look and feel to

The new website will have additional information about our upcoming Router product.

It’s also been made Mobile Friendly so you can read the articles from your Smart Phone.

We’re also improving our Knowledge Base and FAQ for easier lookup for Support Questions.

We just wanted to let you know now so you weren’t concerned when you saw the new changes.

This will not effect anything related to Who’s On My Wifi Online.

This also will not effect any of the Downloadable Software currently available through our website.

We hope you like the changes!


Who’s On My Wifi 1,000,000 downloads!

Thank you to all of the fans who have helped us reach this goal!

We never would have gotten this far if people didn’t believe in us and keep pushing us to make the product better and expand onto more platforms.

1,000,000 downloads was a goal of ours from the very early days, and now that it’s here, it’s almost hard to believe!

The 1,000,000 number includes the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps that are currently available.

It’s been a long road, and this is a huge milestone that we wanted to share with everyone!

The Future

I know we’ve been quiet lately on the blog and on Twitter.

It’s because we’ve been so busy in the lab making things better.

In the last few months, we’ve completely revamped our Who’s On My Wifi Online system to be mobile friendly, scalable, and more secure.

We’ve also internally completed a Who’s On My Wifi router that is simple, secure, and can be setup and managed completely from a mobile phone using Who’s On My Wifi Online.

We hope to have more announcements about this soon, as we launch a KickStarter campaign to get the routers out of our lab and into people’s homes and businesses!

Building the router has been a long, slow journey, but it’s nice that we’re finally seeing the product vision come to life!

Thank You

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us.

And we hope you’ll love what’s coming next!

Who’s On My Wifi Online – Now Mobile Friendly

Hey everyone,

We wanted to let you know that the next time that you login to Who’s On My Wifi Online, you’ll notice a change in how the application looks.

We’ve redesigned the Who’s On My Wifi Online application using a Mobile 1st design framework.

This means that Who’s On My Wifi Online should now work very well on both desktops as it always has, but also look and act well on Tablets, Smart Phones and more.

It became clear to us several months ago that the ability to easily see, control, and manage your network from your phone was incredibly important to our users.

We released our Mobile Friendly login and signup pages about 6 months ago, but it’s taken time to get the entire application migrated to the new design standard.

We hope you like the way the Online application now works and feels, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.



New Device Page

Who’s On My Wifi – Mac OS X v1.1.0 now available

Who’s On My Wifi for Mac version 1.1.0 is now available in the Mac App Store.

This new version added the capability of connecting the Free Mac Edition to the Who’s On My Wifi Online Service that adds historical reporting and real time notifications to the software.

This release also fixed bugs detected in the initial release and added a Printer icon as an optional device tag.

Software Enhancements:

Who’s On My Wifi for Mac is now able to connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online

Who’s On My Wifi Online is our online subscription service that shows historical reports and offers real time text message and e-mail alerts about intruders on your network.  Version 1.1.0 for the Mac is now able to connect to Who’s On My Wifi Online to have all of the features associated with it.

To get started, simply signup for a Who’s On My Wifi Online account, and then link your Mac software to the online account in the Preferences section.

Printer Icon now available

The most requested feature from our Mac app was the ability to choose a Network Printer in the Device Type dropdown menu.  This has now been added so you can set your devices to Network Printers.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Startup Crash on some machines

We fixed an internal bug that was causing the software to crash on Startup on certain computers.  This should now no longer be an issue.

Fixed Bug where only “My Machine” was showing

There was a software bug causing the software to mis-identify the correct network to Scan.  The result that was usually seen by users is that the software would only show “My Machine” and nothing else.  This has now been fixed and should no longer be an issue.


Who’s On My Wifi – Kindle Fire

We’re proud to announce Who’s On My Wifi is now available for Kindle Fire!

We have migrated our Android App to be available on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire Phone.

For those of you who have used our Android App before, you should be immediately comfortable using the app on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Here’s a link to the app in the Amazon App Store:

The screenshot is the same as the Android Edition

Who’s On My Wifi now available on 5 platforms

This makes the 5th platform for which Who’s On My Wifi is now available.

Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and now Kindle Fire.

We hope to continue expanding to more platforms and eventually connect all of them to Who’s On My Wifi Online for improved reporting and notifications!

Mac App Store Top 10

We wanted to Thank all of the supporters who helped push Who’s On My Wifi Mac Edition to the Top 10 Free Utilities in the Mac App Store.

Here’s a Screen Shot of Who’s On My Wifi making it up to #5 in the Free Utilities section of the App Store.

We couldn’t have asked for a better initial response from Mac users!

Thanks so much!